Losteflor has a technical and human team prepared to carry out projects and construction of civil works. Maintenance and conservation of gardens and green areas. The tasks carried out in public and private gardens include mowing, pruning hedges, eliminating weeds through mechanical weeding in flowerbeds and floral areas, verification of correct operation of irrigation systems (sprinklers, diffusers, drippers) and variation of the irrigation programs to adapt it to the needs of the plants at all times.

  • Pruning of palm trees and height.
  • Once the summer season is over, we carry out winter pruning on arboreal and shrub species. We also carry out summer pruning in those species with special requirements.
  • Maintenance of sports surfaces.
  • Conservation of soccer fields and different sports areas.
  • Landscaping at the level of urbanizations, streets and squares.
  • Projects and works of gardens, public parks and road trees.
  • Landscaping of industrial estates.
  • Landscaping of treatment plants and water treatment plants.
  • Landscaping of sections of road and highway.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of roads
  • Clearing slopes and gutters, pruning and different treatment


The objective for garden design is to adapt your needs, your tastes and preferences to the available space to create gardens in harmony with the environment, be it a rural or urban garden, large or small. At Losteflor we have all the necessary elements for the construction of gardens. Our technical team is trained to develop the specific design for the garden that we have studied, from the smallest project to the largest.


We carry out earthworks and set of actions to be applied in a field for the execution of a work. For this activity we have the necessary latest generation machinery.

We also assemble the necessary equipment to carry out earthworks with a large tonnage capacity. The equipment that assembles our backhoes allows digging ranges of up to 15 meters


Pruning work and in this case specifically pruning a tree at height, is something that carries certain risks and dangers, but also the responsibility of doing a good job. For this you need tools and knowledge necessary to carry out the task that you require, prune that large tree that you have in your garden.


At Losteflor, we are professional experts in the realization of hydroseeding and other complementary systems that can prevent landslides, such as triple torsion meshes, geocells and organic blankets, which serve to regenerate the soil. In order to achieve all these goals, we have the most advanced human and technical resources on the market and we are supported by the experience provided by the work carried out year after year on projects for official entities, construction companies and private works.


If you need more information or want to learn more about our products or our nursery, you can contact us.